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Technological development in the maritime sector is continuing at a steady pace: fleets are at the centre of this important challenge as concerns maritime safety and the protection of the marine environment.

The introduction of the new Sulphur Cap, che entrerà in vigore il 1° gennaio 2020, which will enter into force on 1 January 2020, has given shipowners something to think about so they can continue to operate in compliance with environmental regulations.

The main possible alternatives are the adoption of scrubbers or the installation of new engines powered not by petroleum derivatives but by fuels considered cleaner (liquefied natural gas, methanol, hydrogen) or batteries.

At the same time, there have been significant advances in the use of autonomous ships, which should have a major impact on the sustainability of maritime transport.

It is widely believed that remotely operated ships will mainly be used for short sea shipping services, providing incentives for travel by sea rather than by land, with a consequent reduction in emissions and a decisive contribution to the environmental sustainability objectives to be achieved from 2020. And that’s not all. The possibility of limiting crew costs will make slow steaming more sustainable from an economic point of view, constituting another important step towards reducing emissions.

The Forum will offer an objective overview of what is currently ‘state of the art’ thanks to contributions from the main international players, from companies involved in the shipbuilding industry and bearers of cutting-edge technological applications in this sector, flanked by some prestigious research centres.

Alongside the objectives of environmental sustainability and technological innovation, the fundamental challenges of drafting new regulations to address the critical issues that will arise from this revolution and the management of human resources will also be dealt with.

Conference Topics

Sulphur Cap 2020: possible alternatives to operate in compliance with new regulations

Environmental sustainability: the autonomous ships contribution

Cutting-edge technologies for the development of autonomous ships

Cyber security: new challenges

New regulations

Management and training of human resources

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