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It could be the most revolutionary innovation of the last century.

Unmanned ships, remotely operated by satellite: the autonomous ship already exists, certainly not in the most complete and fascinating form that one can imagine, but it represents the first step on a path down which all the big names in the sector have begun to stride.

Like all revolutionary innovations it could usher in great changes, both positive and negative:technologies, operating costs and innovation costs, environment, safety, regulation and insurance, training and new professions are the key topics that during the conference will help us to theorize on potential scenarios of the future.

The conference will be held in Genoa at Istituto Nautico San Giorgio - Edificio Calata Darsena from 9 am to 1 pm. More details soon.

Conference Topics

On-board and on land technologies

Operating and innovation costs

Financial aspects and market

Environment and emissions


Regulation and insurance

Training and employment

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